Monday, 14 June 2010

Tremendous Sambo Techniques

Pick up this great film from Facebook. If you look closely you will see our own Lady referee the now deceased Brenda Jones refereeing. Brenda was GB only Referee Exceptional greatly missed it was Moscow December 1990 Why do I remember the date I was in Moscow when my father Nobby died on December 7th

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dynamic Combat Sambo

I know a lot of Martial Artists are enjoying the latest craze of fighting on the floor with no or hardly any throws some despairingly call it rolling around the floor but just look at this Film Clip from Russia on Combat Sambo I defy anyone to say that they do not get excited by it. It has every thing high throws, punching, kicking submissions although I am not happy with head Butts, Kicks to the groin and punching to the head while on the floor you can not say it does not get your blood up. I have started a watered down version which I call MMA SportCombatSombo and because of the safety implications restricted to my own members and do not run Open Competitions as I believe something as p[powerful as this should be well regulated. Trying our first Tournament on July 4th at Sittingbourne only expecting a handful to enter. Leigh Till is our only entry this year in the World Combat Sambo Championships in Uzbekistan in November lets wish him the very best