Saturday, 9 October 2010

Another Form

Greco Roman Wrestling No its not

Most of this seems to be Greco as you cannot touch the legs but there is some Freestyle
Judo and Sombo Players watch out for techniques you know
Watch this and then watch some of the MMA Rubbish


Sorry, old man, but I really need to correct you on calling this wrestling: GRECO ROMAN. In Greco Roman wrestling you can no use the legs to block or lift your opponent. You can not use your hands below the waist. This was a Free Style match. I have officiated Greco since 1976 and believe me that was not Greco on the film. They lifted legs, they blocked and lifted with legs, and they held their own leg (also illegal) to get a pin. Good matches to watch and much better than MMA fights.

Curt Shearer FILA Referee USA